Best VPNs for Malaysia in 2021

If you plan to visit Malaysia anytime soon, there is one more thing we recommend to take care of one more thing before your take-off. In the course of the past several years, the Malaysian government got tougher on press censorship. They’ve also started blocking websites, especially those of political nature. There were multiple cases of bloggers’ arrestment for publicly sharing and discussing their views.

The struggle is real. Even if you have no intentions to get involved in political discussions, there are several reasons to get VPN installed.

If you’re reading this with the single purpose of finding a list of the best VPNs for Malaysia in mind, here you go:


While putting together this list, we tested providers in terms of their:

  1. Privacy and anonymity: All of the chosen providers have a strict no-log policy and based out of countries with no stringent data retention laws.
  2. Security: The providers we recommend provide up-to-date encryption.
  3. Speed and stability: All these top-tier Malaysian VPNs provide great speed and stability of the connection.
  4. Geolocation spoofing: These Malaysian VPNs proved to be very strong when it comes to unblocking geographically restricted content so that you can watch your favorite Netflix shows with no problem.

Key reasons why to use VPN in Malaysia

Internet Censorship Circumvention: When you’ll first browse the Internet in Malaysia, you might find that many of your favorite websites are blocked and inaccessible, but you will be easily able to unlock all of them with a good Malaysian VPN.

Content limitations: Unlike in China, Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services are available in Malaysia. But the content on those services is limited to follow authorities’ guidelines. If you consider yourself a free-minded individual and are planning to watch what you like – VPN Malaysia will do the job.

Public WI-FI Safety: Just like anywhere in the world, it’s a good idea to get an extra layer of protection if you’re going to use a public hotspot since you never know who is using the same network. That’s critical in Malaysia since their wi-fi spots provide stable Internet connection, but they aren’t encrypted.

Malaysian Content Access: If you want to access local content or streaming services like Astro Go and Unifi TV, you need a Malaysian IP since it’s geographically restricted.

Web activity monitoring: There are state-issued surveillance programs that constantly monitor your internet activity. Initially, they were aimed to track people who access pornography since Malaysia is an Islamic country. But they also save all the data, which puts your privacy in jeopardy. Authorities use this information to track users’ IDs, downloads, locations, and so on. Sometimes lack of understanding of the rules led citizens and tourists to harsh repercussions.

Is the usage of VPN is legal in Malaysia?

Unlike some highly regulated countries, VPN is not banned in Malaysia. Meaning the usage of VPN Malaysia is perfectly legal. The main reason for using VPN in Malaysia is personal security and privacy. Many companies use it to enable their employees to access the internal servers and add encryption to the transactions.

However, if you use a VPN to cover your illegal activity – it is still illegal. And thinking that you’re all set just by installing a Malaysian VPN proves to be wrong. There are always ways to find offenders, and you shouldn’t be reckless.

As you can see, there are no consequences if you use a VPN Malaysia responsible. Keep in mind that you are risking if you are going for a free or cheap VPN service. Lots of free VPNs were spotted at some activities that kind of defeat the purpose of using them.

Should you use a paid or free VPN while in Malaysia?

You definitely can find free VPN services in Malaysia. But there are a million reasons not to use them. And here are some of the most evident ones:

User Privacy: Most free VPN providers will save you data and sell it to the higher bidder, most often advertising companies. Others will insert tracking cookies or ads to your online sessions. You got to remember that they have to make money somehow.

Convenience: There are a lot of users and often not enough computing resources available. You can face a situation where you have to wait in a queue to get connected to a server.

Limited servers: Apart from those servers’ busyness, users of free VPN services in Malaysia have limited options on which servers you can connect to. You often don’t have a choice at all and will be automatically connected to a server chosen by the provider.

Performance issues: Many free providers want to limit your connection speed to ensure that all of their users get their share of bandwidth. It results in a slow Internet and often limits or even makes it impossible to watch movies or stream shows.

In conclusion, using a free VPN in Malaysia will not do a proper job in terms of safety, privacy, and performance. That’s why we strongly recommend considering a decent VPN. We also suggest sticking to the list of the best VPN services in Malaysia to avoid unexpected issues.

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