Which VPNs work 100% in China
According to our research, Astrill VPN, PrivateVPN, and ExpressVPN are the most reliable from within China. However, there is no guarantee that this list will be the same in the nearest future since Chinese officials are coming up with new restrictions all the time.
Can China track you using VPN?
Even though China blocks multiple websites, no law explicitly forbids to use of VPN for China. However, there is a story of an American whose phone stopped working, and he was unable to make phone calls, so he contacted his provider and was told to go to the police. They made him delete all "illegal" applications, including Skype, and let him go. This story happened back in 2015, and Chinese authorities have become more relentless since then. It should tell you that free VPNs for China simply would not fly. More advanced VPN providers will hide your IP and protect your personal data. They are not as easy to crack too.
Which sites are banned in China?
Simply put, a lot of them. I will not list every single application, but I will enlist categories, and you will get a general idea. New applications are added to the list every year. Social sites: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Productivity: Gmail, Dropbox, Google Play(!), Slack, other Google services. Streaming: YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.
Can you download VPN if you already in China?
Not really. VPNs for China are constantly blocked and removed from various marketplaces. Google Play doesn't work in China, and the App Store has a special version just for China, so it will be challenging to find a way to install a good VPN. We strongly recommend installing at least two VPN apps while you still outside the country.
Do I need a VPN when in Hong Kong or Taiwan?
Hong Kong has its autonomy, which is continuously interfered with by Beijing. Basically, the Communist Party still watches your every move. So, we strongly recommend using a VPN to protect your privacy. In Taiwan, the situation is better; however, you are likely to be watched by hackers and tons of other reasons to use VPN in Taiwan.
How do I unblock Netflix while in China?
Netflix has not launched its application in china so far. But you still can watch your favorite shows by masking your location with the help of a good-quality VPN for China.
Which VPN has Chinese servers and IPs?
If you are looking for a way to use one of the Chinese geographically-restricted applications, you might use one of the many VPN providers that have Chinese IPs: Hotspot Shield, Pure VPN, Ivacy, HideMyAss.