How do I change my Netflix region?
Normally, if you use a server located in a different country, the content on Netflix will automatically adjust accordingly, and you'll see the content available for this country.
What do I do if Netflix is blocking my VPN?
You can do several things: Try choosing a different server, possibly in another country where the selected piece of content is available. If none of this works, try googling recommended servers for your specific provider. It always helps if you choose a high-quality VPN provider in the first place since they offer more options and have particular features to prevent your account from blocking.
Can I unblock Netflix by setting up a VPN on my router?
Yes, you can. As long as the VPN is connected, you can unblock Netflix on all the devices connected to your hotspot.
Can a VPN unblock the Netflix app, or do I have to use a web browser?
It's harder for VPN to unblock Netflix on the app than on a web browser since the app can force your device to send your actual location, and then you can potentially be blocked. It can be prevented with a kill switch feature.
How do I watch Netflix US?
To watch Netflix US, you need to connect to one of the US-based servers your VPN provider offers. The content catalog will readjust automatically.
How about Netflix Japan?
It works the same way, but you have to choose the server in Japan.
Can I watch Netflix in China?
It's a little bit more challenging for VPNs to get through Great Firewall, but it is still possible. Good VPNs like those in our list of recommended VPNs manage to unblock Netflix in China.