Best VPNs for Gambling in Online Casinos

There are multiple reasons why you might need to access your favorite gambling website through a VPN for a casino. For instance, when you travel abroad or even to another state, the casino site you love can be restricted. In this case, a suitable online casino VPN will solve your problem. However, before jumping in and scrolling to the list of the best VPN for gambling, make sure that you will stay out of trouble and check the legal regulations for the particular geographic location.

Why access gambling websites via a VPN?

Out of 195 countries in the world, 56 have serious legal regulations against online gambling. VPN for a casino, in its turn, masks your IP address and replaces it with the IP address of the country of your choice. A VPN also encrypts all the traffic and routs it through a go-between server, meaning that you can access the geo-locked content from anywhere. For

Even if you are able to enter the banned websites from your computer without a VPN for gambling, you might face additional issues since you’d need to provide some payment method and address. In case of winning, you’d need to prove that you are this person, and instead of enjoying your money, you’d be caught up in bureaucracy.

Here is our list of Top-10 VPNs for gambling:


Is it legal to use a VPN for online gambling?

Since the primary function of a VPN is to keep your data safe, regardless if you place an order on Amazon or sending some files over, most governments are okay with people using a VPN. But you definitely should take into consideration the country you are in. For example, Russia, China, Belarus, Oman, North Korea, and some other countries have VPN banned for visitors and residents. Depending on the country, if you use a VPN for gambling, you can get a fine or 30+ days in jail.

You might think it’s crazy to throw people to prison for using online casino VPNs, but the main reason behind it is to fight terrorism and other criminal activities.

Best VPN for Bitcoin gambling

Cryptocurrency betting is illegal for US players. That’s where VPNs for gambling come to play. However, by using VPNs, almost everything is possible. Some VPNs for gambling let you purchase Bitcoins without a paper trail. What to look for? When choosing a VPN for Bitcoin gambling, make sure that it accepts cryptocurrency, maintains no online activity logs or IP address, and offers fast speeds and connectivity. Among those that tick all the boxes are VPNs for gambling like PureVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc.

Is using a VPN for sports gambling safe in the US?

The US does not prohibit using a VPN for gambling on the state level. But they still keep an eye on acts that would not be possible with regular internet usage, such as cyberstalking, downloading and selling copyright materials, and…online gambling where it is illegal. So, the online casino probably won’t report you if you just paid with your real money to an illegal site through the VPN for casino since they most likely to have a bigger fish to fry. But it’s something to consider because VPN for gambling providers have to report suspicious activity to the authorities. They say that it’s not authorities that you should be afraid of while using a VPN for gambling but online casinos themselves. Why? Check out the next section.

Can you play the state-restricted casino through a VPN?

The simple answer is yes. For example, US citizens can’t play at unless they are located in New Jersey. But with the VPN for gambling, you can access the site. However, you should weigh all the cons and pros and consider your location because certain risks are involved in the VPN for slots usage. Gambling sites usually mention in their terms and conditions that they reserve the right to confiscate winnings and even your bankroll under special circumstances. Evidently, using a VPN for casino falls under this category. There is a famous case where PokerStars denied paying $285K to a player because he was using a VPN for gambling and changed his location.

How to get paid from a casino when using a VPN?

Many people would say that it does not worth the risk, and you should simply find a legal way to gamble. However, it is not always possible. I will repeat myself but invest some time to find out the regulations in a destined country/state. Another recommendation would be using a high-quality VPN for a casino. Another great thing to do is go through the online casino web site’s rules and find out if they are using a particular VPN for gambling detection software. This technology is aimed to blow through the casino VPN and “see” your actual IP address. It would help if you also investigated whether the site in question has the means to detect whether you are using an online casino VPN. There is an accessible technology available for site holders to address both of these. If they will detect that you’ve been using a VPN for gambling while playing on their website, they are most likely to use it as an excuse not to pay you out. That’s the reality. It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should spend some time researching before even signing in to a website and putting yourself into a dicey situation.

Bottom line

It is better to find a 100% legal way to gamble while abroad. Believe me, there are dozens of ways in every given country. However, if you find yourself in a situation where it is impossible, make sure that you conduct tough research on the matter and use high-quality services that will not only mask your IP but also protect your personal data from hacking or forgery of any kind.

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