8 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing Business in 2021


Cloud computing has become a need for many companies and it’s not just a matter of data storage. The technology is helping companies increase their productivity and customer service quality. According to a survey conducted by CSC, it was revealed that 65 percent of companies subscribe to a yearly cloud subscription. One of the most outstanding benefits of cloud computing is its mobility, which means companies can access data anytime, anywhere without depending on the information at a physical facility. Cloud computing is a great tool for companies to boost their operations in a cost-effective way. Many companies like Nord VPN take the advantage of cloud computing in improving their data security infrastructure. Here we’ll show you some of the ways that cloud computing is changing the business ecosystem.

Improve Operations

In the past, companies used to hide servers in deposits and expand it when they needed more space. This used to be a very expensive transaction. With cloud computing, all team members will have access to the company’s data from any device, which makes the technology a cheaper alternative. This way, operations are run faster and more efficiently. Most cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) also have a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. Besides, if you run out of space, you can always upgrade your subscription. The same thing applies to the opposite. You can always choose to downgrade the existing subscription if you don’t require a lot of space and this way, you won’t be spending more money than you should.

Effective Customer Support

Gone are the days where a support team needs to be attending phone calls for eight hours a day. Today’s customers want to have the information they need right when they need it and they don’t want to wait for customer service assistants to provide solutions for them. If a company uses cloud computing to store and access data, the response time will be significantly shorter. Cloud platforms create a connection between the customers, the employees, and the database. With cloud services, customers are able to access data easier than ever. Now, SBM companies are able to share how-to videos with their customers with the high-quality bandwidth that cloud services have. This was something that small companies weren’t able to afford in the past. 

Provide a Flexible Working Model

Cloud services make it possible for employees to work from anywhere they want. According to a survey run by Buffer, 99 percent of employees would prefer to work remotely at least once in a while. Working remotely allows employees to spend time with their families and achieve a work-life balance. This way, they’ll feel more motivated to do their job. Cloud services make this possible. The company Gallup studied this trend and revealed in a recent report that ever since companies started to work with cloud service, they are more likely open to a remote working model. 

Save on Infrastructure Costs

Since employees can rotate their schedules and are able to work from home, companies won’t have to spend too much money on infrastructure. They can even minimize the physical office space and rent a cheaper room. Many companies today have a completely remote workforce and this is made possible through the use of cloud services. This is another example of how using cloud platforms can significantly reduce a company’s expenditure. 

On the other hand, companies can also integrate their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting software with the cloud services to allow for a more efficient workflow. According to the same CSC report we mentioned above, Brazilian companies noted 92 percent of savings after implementing the use of cloud services. 

Store Data Safely

One of the major reasons why companies decide to start using cloud services is that they provide a secure way to store data. According to a survey conducted by RightScale, data breaches are no longer a big concern for most companies that use cloud services. Big companies like Toyota, for instance, trust their data to cloud services because they understand the repercussion in mishandling sensitive data. Technology like cloud computing protects vulnerable data and provides a sense of security that no other facility server could.

Increase Productivity

Cloud services are changing the way we do business completely. With a simple integration with the CRM and the accounting software, employees can orchestrate these processes and make transactions quicker and more efficiently. Since employees and customers have access to the company’s data from anywhere and on any device, business transactions will no longer take hours. Cloud services also allow companies to monitor transactions easier. This is one of the reasons why startups prefer to use cloud services to boost their productivity. Although this is a new trend, most companies have started to adopt it in their daily operations.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Practices

The CSC report revealed that 64 percent of professionals believe that using cloud services would help them reduce energy consumption. If you think about it, it’s totally logical. The lesser time employees have to spend at the office, the lesser energy spent on powering the infrastructures. This is something that most companies started noticing once they adopted cloud-based Data storage. This is also a solid reason why most entrepreneurs prefer to start their businesses by utilizing cloud services.

Cloud Will Be Here for a Long Time 

Cloud services are here to stay, there’s no doubt about it. This could also be the reason why the remote working trend has significantly grown in the last couple of years. According to an IDC report, the cloud computing industry is expected to grow 33.9 percent over the next few years. On the other hand, CSC also revealed that 97 percent of Brazilian companies have started to prepare their employees to use cloud platforms. This gives us an idea of how in-demand this technology will continue to be.

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