Safest VPNs for Sports Betting to Use in 2021

Betting online is only increasing in popularity, and the latest events made it the only option for betting in multiple countries globally. However, sports betting remains illegal in many states and countries. So is that it? Luckily, VPNs for sports betting will allow you to access your favorite websites and enjoy your adrenaline portion from the comfort of your home. In this article, we put together the best sports betting VPNs and answered the most common questions related to unblocking the most famous betting sites.

Why use VPN for sports betting online?

Since sports betting alongside online casinos are highly regulated, your online activity will likely be constantly monitored when you’re entering even a legal betting website. Nevermind questionable sites that aren’t legal in your state. The main reasons to use sports betting VPN are:

  • If you are traveling abroad and you found your favorite betting website blocked, you can spoof your geographical location with the help of a VPN for sports betting.
  • VPN also adds a layer of protection when it comes to entering credit card details and other sensitive data not to have to worry about malware.

Best VPNs for online betting

Here is our list of VPNs for betting:


In this sports betting VPN list, we focused on the providers that meet our essential feature requirements, such as:

  • Functionality. Many services will have their IPs blocked because they do not use protocols advanced enough (that’s why free VPNs are just not going to fly).
  • Security features
  • No-logs policy. You might be surprised, but some VPN providers actually log your data, which completely defeats the purpose.
  • Versatility. You should be able to protect your data regardless of the application or device used.
  • Servers’ speed. As much as security is important, you should not compromise on a connection speed. You came there to enjoy it, after all.

Is it legal to use a VPN for online betting on sports?

There are two main points of view when discussing online betting virtual private servers. One of them states that if you have nothing to hide, why would you use any kind of software to mask your IP and staff like that. Another one is closer to all the conspiracy theorists in the world: governments and internet providers could not be trusted. There are only a handful of countries where the usage of online betting VPN is entirely illegal. Those include China, Russia, North Korea, Turkey, UAE, Iran, and some more. The good news is that you can use a VPN for betting without limitations in the rest of the world. However, don’t think: “Oh, ok. It means that any kind of criminal activity is possible by simply installing the VPN for sports betting.” It really does not. Sports betting VPN providers still have to report any suspicious behavior among their users to the government.

Can online bookies detect VPN?

There is no single answer to this question. It varies from one booker to another. Even though using a VPN for sports betting seems to be a simple workaround to the state regulations, you may encounter certain challenges while trying to cash out if you’ve been using this software. Several institutions can see that you use an online betting VPN. Those include Your Internet Service Provider, websites or apps (e.g., Netflix), and hackers. So, technically, yes, they just might be able to detect that you use VPN. The question here is how. Some apps and websites can catch it by blacklisting IP addresses that many different people use to connect. This kind of IP looks suspicious to a service provider; thus, it gets blocked. However, the fact that you use a VPN for sports betting is not necessarily a bad thing. All you should do is go ahead and read the booker’s policy to avoid trouble.

How to properly use VPN to access betting websites

It is hard to remain unnoticed while surfing the internet for a regular user. When you enter an online betting website, the likelihood of unwanted attention increases drastically. Hackers are fishing for your unprotected credit card information, and government officials are looking for illegal activity, which is precisely the reason why it is in your best interest to protect your data as hard as you can. Installing an online betting VPN is a great start. Here are a couple of great tips on how to use your VPN for betting to its full extend.

  • Avoid using free VPNs for sports betting. Although it seems an easy solution, in fact, many free VPN providers were caught selling users’ data.
  • Use Private/Incognito tabs. The main point of using a VPN for sports betting is not leaving any breadcrumbs along the way. Most browsers have private options, so why not use them?
  • Use the Tor browser, which is free and can bring a lot to the table. It encrypts your data and sends it through the network of computers, making it close to impossible to trace.
  • Installing a live operating system like TailsOK might also be a good idea since it gives you temporary access to the Web and leaving no trace of you being there whatsoever.
  • There is also a wide variety of plugins that can add to the security of your data.

By choosing the right sports betting VPN and taking all of the repercussions above, you are very likely to stay hidden from almost everyone.

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